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Welcome to our unique selection of Samsung Galaxy A20s phone cases. You'll find design phone cases from dozens of different artists, designed to look great, but also to improve its impact resistance. The durability of your phone is our top priority, along with improving its appearance. Warning! You might fall in love with these Samsung Galaxy A20e phone accessories!

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Samsung Galaxy A20s is a top mid-range

phone The Samsung Galaxy A20s was launched in autumn 2019. It comes with a large 6.5-inch screen and Android 9.0 Pie operating system. The phone features the new Snapdragon 450 chipset. Samsung Galaxy A20s has up to 3 rear cameras and one front camera, so you can't fail to take nice pictures. The phone also has a memory card slot, which allows you to increase the storage space with a memory card up to 256 GB. The phone comes in a few different basic colours. If none of these colours are to your liking, then compatible Samsung Galaxy A20s Inkit phone cases will make your device look and feel exactly the way you want it to. This gives your phone more personality and allows you to match your phone with your outfit, for example.

Protect your phone effectively with a Galaxy A20s case

All Samsung Galaxy A20s cases are made to fit perfectly around the shape of the phone. The design has taken into account the key positions, the connections and the cameras, of course. In fact, the edges of the phone covers rise almost up to the Galaxy A20s’ screen, so they also protect the edges of the screen. The Inkit phone cases are made of both hard plastic and softer TPU plastic, so you get a comfortable and good grip. The front camera on the Galaxy A20s is located on the middle of the screen. The best way to protect this camera is a combination of protective phone cases and tempered glass; the phone case makes sure the screen doesn't hit anything. However, if the screen is hit by a larger, single impact, the tempered glass is the last line of defence to save the screen. The unobtrusive tempered glass is sure to pay for itself by keeping your phone screen intact.

Samsung Galaxy A20s screen saver

The Samsung Galaxy A20s case protects your phone, but only one thing can protect your phone's screen effectively: tempered glass! Tempered glass is mounted on the phone screen and protects the most sensitive part of your device from knocks, bumps and scratches. The feel of the screen remains similar to phone's own screen, so you won't even notice the tempered glass is there. Tempered glass is only 0.3mm thin but many times more durable than normal glass. We recommend using tempered glass with all Samsung Galaxy A20s Inkit phone cases to ensure your device is protected throughout.

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