OnePlus 6T Cases and Covers

Fall in love with the OnePlus 6T Inkit cases, each of which is hand-finished before dispatch. When you get your order home, put the OnePlus 6T cases in place immediately and your phone will instantly transform into a modern work of art. Now your phone is also effectively protected against physical knocks. Lots of benefits, right?

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A OnePlus 6T case to protect your phone from scratches

Durable and snug-fitting, OnePlus 6T Inkit cases are so comfortable to use that you won't know how to use your phone without them, and it will feel naked without them. With a good phone case, you'll have a much better grip on your OnePlus 6T than before, so it won't slip off the couch and onto the floor, for example. It’s not the best situation when the OnePlus 6T's large screen hits a hard stone floor. OnePlus 6T covers are an excellent resistance to all those nasty little scratches that can easily occur on your device without the right protection. Inkit phone cases are made from both hard plastic and softer TPU plastic to give you a good, comfortable grip, while the hard plastic protects your phone better against knocks. The screen getting scratched is annoying, particularly as deep scratches make it difficult to see the image on an otherwise sharp screen. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent scratches by getting a OnePlus 6T case that protects the body and screen as well as tempered glass. Scratching is very annoying, so you don't want it to happen to your fancy phone. A glass screen protector is cheap insurance for the most expensive part of your phone, as repairing or replacing the screen can cost hundreds of euros at worst.

OnePlus 6T Inkit Case - why buy?

Pockets bulge uncomfortably when you've stuffed a wallet, a bunch of keys and a bulky phone into them. Sitting feels uncomfortable and there is a lot of weight. I'm sure many people are familiar with this situation. It's not easy to leave your keys out of your pockets, but perhaps the OnePlus 6T could be made a little thinner compared to larger wallet cases. When you get an Inkit case to protect your phone, you also get a piece of art in your pocket! In fact, you'll find plenty of different designs and patterns on our Inkit phone covers, with real artists telling their stories behind them. Artists also get a share of every phone case sold, so you can support your favourite artist by buying an Inkit case with their design.

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