Hi there, we are Inkit!

We all have it and treasure it. It's this thing called personality. Your unique and i'm unique - thats the way it is.

We are here to showcase unique artists and to celebrate self-expression trough pretty cool phone cases and accessories.  Here's a bit more info about whats going on!

It's the stories that matter

Art is all about conveying emotions, stories an other feelings that somehow resonate in the senses of the recipient. Art can be many things but for us its first and foremost stories.

Stories about how and why the artwork was created.
Stories about what the art is trying to explain.
Stories about what led the maker to be who they are.

These stories are the ones that matter but are often unheard. Thats were we come in.

If It Isn't You - Dont Buy It

There are a few important boxes we think a phone case should be able to tick off. Of course it should be protective, but also it should reflect your personality and taste. That's why we wholeheartedly believe that if a product doesn't feel right - you shouldn't buy it.

We create beautifull and interesting tech accessories where the stories behind the art are passed on. We want our Cases of Art to represent the artists and their visions in the best possible way.

This is the sparkle that separates our cases from the masses and this this why you should just #Makeityours

Giving the artist a chance to shine

We just love our artists! They put their heart and soul into creating art that conveys emotions, stories and journeys trough their work. This is why we want you to learn as much as possible about these fantastic creators.

Guaranteed that the artist gets paid

 When choosing your own Inkit product, you can also be 100% sure that the artist got paid for the artwork. 

There is a real problem in the digital world, that creative works get stolen, plagiarized or in other ways just are not credited. With our products we are fighting back and showing you the real heroes.

Art is the new protection

Besides the fact that our products look amazing (thanks to the artists), they are super protective. Our cases will protect your phone from a 6 feet drop, which gives you a peace of mind everywhere you go. We aren't just a pretty picture.

So stop buying cases without a purpose and remember that
art is the new protection.

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