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About us

Meet the team

These fantastic art enthusiasts are what brings Inkit to life.

  • Antti

    Co-founder / CEO / Creative Director

  • Heikki

    Co-founder / Marketing Director

  • Kare

    Co-founder / Manufacturing Director

  • Verneri

    Creative Producer

  • Milla

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Katriina


  • Karipekka

    Ecommerce Specialist

  • Antti

    Customer happiness

  • Johanna

    Logistics manager

  • Helena

    Warehouse guru

  • Tiia

    Warehouse ninja

We come from the beautiful Lakeland area in Finland

We print and customize each phone case directly at our own facilities, ensuring each Case of Art and product is absolutely perfect and showcase the art the way it should. There's no middle ground for us.

Our warehouse and printing studio is located in the city of Kontiolahti, in the heart of a picturesque Lakeland in Finland.
No wonder it's called the land of a thousand lakes.

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