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Apple iPhone 7 Inkit cases are a loud cheer against boredom and gloom. They bring a completely new and incredible element to phone protection: an unlimited number of different, more stunning designs. While the iPhone 7 cases look great, their usability or protection hasn’t been forgotten. Your phone is super well protected in case of damage!

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Apple iPhone 7 Inkit Cases - Long life for your phone

Apple iPhone 7 case give your phone a longer life. Nobody wants their phone to get scratched or, in the worst case, dropped and broken beyond use. That's why phone cases are essential to keep your iPhone 7 phone intact. Of course, no one can be forced to buy cases for their phone, but it's worth considering whether you want your brand new iPhone 7 to be scratched and damaged after just one week of use. I can say that it is a shame not to spend a fraction of the phone’s price on Inkit cases that would have protected the iPhone 7. Walking around town, you notice that almost everyone's phone is protected in one way or another. With our Inkit phone covers, you'll both protect your phone effectively and stand out from the grey crowd! Apple iPhone 7 Inkit cases feature designs by real artists that tell the story the artist wants to tell. With designs available in different themes, colours and collections, there's sure to be something for everyone. The artists also receive a share of every product sold, so they are paid for their work. In addition to mobile phone cases, we also offer mobile phone accessories and tempered glass. By far the most popular accessories are the Inkit grips, which, as the name suggests, improve your grip on your phone and prevent it from falling to the ground. Tempered glass for the iPhone 7 is an absolute must for protecting your phone's expensive screen.

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