OnePlus 8 Cases and Covers

It’s now possible! Protect your hit 2020 phone, the OnePlus 8, with today's hottest Inkit cases. Get professional-level protection combined with the fashion world's trendiest design creations. Each OnePlus 8 case has a piece of the artist's unique essence, so you get more than just a product with your purchase - you get an exciting story.

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OnePlus 8 case - the key to better durability

A OnePlus 8 case offers protection, durability and usability in one package. In other words, everything a new smartphone owner could wish for! So protect your OnePlus 8 with a perfectly designed phone case and you'll greatly increase its durability. It would be a shame if a new phone fell off the table or slipped out of your hand and broke into a thousand pieces. This would not be much of a laughing matter. We recommend getting a OnePlus 8 case to protect the edges, back and in some cases the screen. Inkit phone cases are OnePlus 8 cases at their best because of their good grip and good looks. Inkit mobile phone cases feature artwork by real artists, and the artists get a share of every case sold with their design. We recommend using tempered glass with Inkit phone cases, as it can be used seamlessly with a OnePlus 8 case. This slim and impact-resistant glass screen protector will save your phone screen almost every time!

OnePlus 8 cases never need to be removed

Once you've attached the OnePlus 8 cases, you will never really need to remove them for use. You can insert the cable with the Micro-USB connector while the phone case is attached to the OnePlus 8 phone. The same goes for all the other handy accessories, such as powerbanks and headphones. In fact, the only reason you might want to take the OnePlus 8 covers off is because you want to give your phone a different look. Changing colours according to the season, for example, can be a fun and refreshing idea! Fortunately, our OnePlus 8 cases give you plenty of choice and you can choose between traditional black, white and brown, or you can go wild and choose pink, purple or red to go with your phone. You should also check out our phone accessories selection, where you'll find many accessories that make your phone easier to use, such as ring holders and wireless chargers. 

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