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Art is the new protection.

That's what we do: we art things up - quite a bit!

We showcase fantastic emerging artists and their stories and use that to protect your phone. So the recipe is: add 1 piece phone case and 2 pieces of art =  a Case of Art with a purpose. 

Funky cartoons with a twist

Together with the cartoon artist, Gabriel Sancho, we collaborated to create the simplest love comedy ever made. Sanchos artwork is all about simple yet inspiring messages from the heart of Argentina. Check out the collection!

Motanka Collection by Marta Pitchuk

Protect your phone with ancient protection symbols! 
100% of the sales from Motanka- collection will be donated to charity in Ukraine. Check out the collection!

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What are we all about?

These are the values that we follow every day in our work.

  • We convert pockets and purses into Art galleries

    130+ curated designs from 20+ artists that take your phone to the next level. We believe these art pieces needs to be celebrated and that this is the best way!

  • There needs to be a story behind every Case of Art

    We see ourselves as storytellers. Every design & every artist has an unique story to tell trough their work.

    This is the stardust that makes you fall in love with your case. ♥︎

  • If it isn't you - Dont Buy It

    We believe every product you buy, should mean something. So don't just buy a case, buy a case you know you will feel connected and love.

  • Giving artists the credit they deserve ♥︎

    Creative work is often taken for granted. Artists don't get paid for their work,  their artwork gets stolen or copied or they are asked to work just for exposure. We are here to give the artists the credit they deserve. Period.

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