OnePlus Nord Cases and Covers

OnePlus Nord Inkit cases are much more than just gorgeously finished, beautiful-looking creations. They will extend the life of your phone considerably, as it is bound to take some scary hits. Fortunately, the Inkit phone cases are made to protect the OnePlus Nord from all sides, and they do a good job of it. We give your phone both looks and protection, we promise!

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Make your phone more stylish with OnePlus Nord cases

If you want to protect your phone in the same way as most people, you should choose a dark phone case. In general, all black OnePlus Nord cases are the most popular products regardless of their model. Black suits every user and looks good in every situation, so it’s no wonder that it's a popular colour. Inkit phone cases are popular cases because they fit seamlessly over your phone and the slim design doesn't make your phone too thick. It's no wonder that many people choose to protect their OnePlus Nord as well. Inkit phone covers also feature flashier patterns, colours and designs created by artists. The artists get a share of every phone case sold with their own design.

Better grip on the body of the phone

The body of the OnePlus Nord is made of glass, which has the disadvantage of being slippery. Especially with slightly damp hands or gloves, you run the risk of dropping your phone easily. We want to avoid such an unfortunate event by all means, which is why every Inkit mobile phone case is made as non-slip as possible. Put the OnePlus Nord cases in place and you're sure to get a better grip on the slippery edges of your device. Inkit phone cases are made of both hard plastic and softer TPU plastic, which gives the phone a secure and good grip.

An intact phone lasts for years

When you keep your OnePlus Nord phone intact, it will work flawlessly for years to come. Today's Android phones have enough power in the CPUs, and the size and resolution of the displays will still be relevant years from now. This is why you should keep your phone externally intact with various OnePlus Nord cases and tempered glass. Effectively protected from all sides, your phone stays as good as new and has resale value when needed. It's worth getting phone covers for your phone, as they can be seen as cheap insurance. Take a look at our large range of phone accessories and place your order today. 

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