Apple iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers

Many Apple iPhone 8 Plus cases are boring, but not the protective products in the Inkit collection! By combining stunning colours and precise details, we have created a whole new way to protect your phone from breakage. No longer are iPhone 8 Plus cases boring, but the centre of attention wherever your journey takes you. Once you have tried Inkit, there's no going back!

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iPhone 8 Plus Protection - Why should you?

Nobody wants their new iPhone 8 Plus phone to be dented and have its screen cracked after a few days. That's why you should get and Inkit case to keep your phone protected. iPhone 8 Plus Inkit cases are made of hard plastic and softer TPU plastic to keep your precious phone protected from bumps and hits. Today's phones are stylish, but usually very slippery. Inkit phone covers improve your grip on your phone, preventing it from dropping. With a wide range of colours to choose from, everyone is sure to find the one that suits them best. Black is always a safe choice for phone cases, but a pink or even blue iPhone 8 Plus case is a fresh variation! You'll find great designs by real artists in the Inkit phone cases, so you'll have a piece of art in your pocket. Artists also get their share of the products sold, so you directly support the artists by buying Inkit phone cases. Today's phones are much more than just electronics, they can be part of your personality and your outfit.

If you want to take the protection of your device even further and protect it from all sides, we highly recommend a glass screen protector, which protects the most sensitive part of your iPhone 8 Plus: the screen. We recommend purchasing tempered glass with all iPhone 8 Plus cases for complete protection of your valuable phone. iPhone 8 Plus tempered glass is easy to install and the feel of the screen remains the same as without the tempered glass. With a phone case and glass screen protector, your device is guaranteed a long life!

Get your accessories in order

We have a selection of accessories for your phone, such as ring holders and card pockets. Even with these accessories, you can style your phone to match with you and highlight its already stunning look. So get the most out of your device with accessories and easily click them into your shopping cart and your order is already half completed. Protecting your phone has never been easier!

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