Holiday Nuggie
Samsung Galaxy S23 5G Case

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Holiday Nuggie bySad Nuggie
  • Sad & Depressed Chicken Nugget
  • Everything is still okay.
  • We are all going to make it! 
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Sad Nuggie loves you for being you!

This adorable character brings joy through relatable feelings, funny memes and humorous comics all over the world! Sad Nuggie might be constantly stressed and depressed, but he enjoys masquerades and chilling by pool with martini’s or binge watching movies under the blanket with "salty creations". This collection is for you who’s enjoying life and pastel colors, but also relates with social anxiety and introverted things. And why is Sad Nuggie sad? Because life is tough as a small Nuggie, but he still sees something good in every day and so should you!

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