Sad Nuggie

Sad Nuggie

Sad Nuggie is known for his lovable personality, relatable memes and humorous adventures. Life is good when you spend the day by the pool, binge watch your favorite series and dress up for masquerades with your friends! Sad Nuggie brand loves to give back to the community and work with charities, especially mental health related organizations. Sad Nuggie is LGBTQ- friendly and loves you for you.He would love it if you join him for a perfect movie night, happy hours and of course masquerades!

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Holiday Nuggie

Sad Nuggie loves to chill out with a fantastic martini while floating in a pink flamingo. Sunglasses are not for sunlight. They are hiding his tears. Join his Martini happy hour and take a slice of juicy watermelon!

Dinosaur Nuggie

World is ending and this little fellow is trying  to escape the inevitable! Sad Nuggie is now a Dinosaur Nuggie. Rawr!

Unicorn Nuggie

Would you dress up as a dinosaur or a unicorn for a masquerade party? Unicorn Nuggie loves pastel colors and everything magical. Cute costumes make his life happier, and for a while life is filled with hearts, rainbows and donuts! 

Movie Night Nuggie

Sad Nuggie makes himself comfortable to start binge watching his favorite series under the blanket. Grab your salty treats and remote, show goes on soon. This is something Sad Nuggie calls a perfect weekend. Everything feels great!

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