Published Tuesday, July 28, 2020

All Inkit products are manufactured with high quality standards and every product gets inspected by a Inkitcase Team member. Every Inkit product has a limited twelve (12) month warranty, that begins from the date of purchase. Warranty includes manufacturing defects such as material faults and suitability issues.

Warranty does not cover normal wear of the product such as scratches, dents that are caused by drops, and other surface wear. Warranty does not cover any defect caused by negligence of the customer, instalment problems or any other issue caused by carelessness of the customer.

If you wish to make a reclamation, please contact us via email to info@inkitcase.com give us your name, order number, email address and the description of the reclamation. Please attach also pictures about the faulty item. This will speed up the reclamation process.

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