Tarn Ellis Art

Tarn Ellis Art

Tarn Ellis Chalk is the mastermind behind Tarn Ellis Art. The artist and writer from the South West of England is all about having her own diverse take on women and showcasing women in a distinct way.

Take a second and look carefully at what lies in the artwork - you might just be surprised!

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I Am A Woman

You're powerful and worthy! Remember that when you're feeling blue or unappreciated. Just stand tall and show your true colors!

Earth And Sky

Do you feel connected with the universe and mother nature? Why wouldn't you take some time to settle down, lift your feet up, and let your body just be? Go ahead, you won't regret it! 

Moon Dance

We all deserve a bit of midnight Moon Dance. It's time to get your best friends together and let it loose!

Let the energy flow through and you just might see some magic happen.

Tree Spirit

A tree is a symbol of life, growth, and wisdom. Like a tree, your soul journey can take you in many directions and it's all up to you which branches you wish to follow and let grow even further.

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