Marta Pitchuk

Marta Pitchuk

Marta is an artist exploring different ethnic regions of Ukraine. Se specifically paints Motanka-dolls, which is over 5000-year-old protective talisman, that mothers crafted to protect their children and keep all evil away. What makes Marta's collection even more special is that she was born and is still living in Ivano- Frankivsk, Ukraine. 

Together with Marta, we created the Motanka-collection where 100% of sales goes to help the victims of the Ukraine war.

Read more about the Motanka tradition and the artwork below.

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A motanka doll is a tradition dating back several thousand years. It's said to be a safeguard that mothers made to keep all evil spirits away from their families.

Since Marta's work is about exploring different regions of Ukraine, "Ribbons" has got its inspiration from the Poltava region.


Traditionally a Motanka doll is made without a face. This is because it's seen as a protective amulet and thus it cannot have a human appearance. In Marta's art, the face is painted with great detail and then covered with threads. This gives the doll a soul with real emotions and feelings.

"Bride" has got its inspiration from the Pokuttia region.

Six Hands

Motanka dolls are usually passed down to the next generations, thus protecting their lives with the positive energy of their ancestors. Within one Motanka, there could be hundreds of years of tradition in them, which makes it a powerful family treasure.

"Six Hands" has got its inspiration from the Black Sea region.


Traditionally, a Motanka is not made with needles, knives or schissors. The word "motanka" means winding. Thus the doll should be spun or wound up with thread and done with happy thoughts in mind, since every detail would affect the dolls energy and thus its protective powers.

"Feathers" has got its inspiration from the Zakarbattia region.

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