Duchess Of Lore

Duchess Of Lore

Elizabeth Lennox, also known as Duchess of Lore, brings Estonian traditions to life through her art! Elizabeth is into discovering the neo-pagan path of life, honoring the old ways, and paying attention to changing seasons. While finding her mystical pagan voice for a new kind of spirituality she aims to offer you delightful and mystical experiences by combining something ancient and forgotten in her art.

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Dawn And Dusk

Duchess of Lore wanted to capture the love and tenderness of romantic folktale about moon and sun. The Tale tells that moon and sun are lovers who meet once a year when they come together at Summer Solstice. The night kisses day during the nightless night - this is the love and tenderness that she wanted to capture in her art!

Garden Enchantments

This swan design is inspired by Elizabeth’s childhood memories with her Estonian grandma. Garden Enchantment includes all the things they saw in their backyard; swan planters, bees, spiders and all summer delights of nature. Her grandma was a Leo, so there’s also a sun in the design, since it’s Leo's star. 

Year Of The Tiger

Did you know that now is the year of the Tiger? Elizabeth was born in a year of a Tiger and she’s also a huge cat lover, so that’s why she created this piece with two tigers. She created multiple tiger designs in different colors and we chose this one to combine the collection together.

Autumn Fox

Fox design is celebrating the harvest time when dark and light are completely balanced. The Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, also called Mabon, is about feeling grateful and appreciating everything that you have in your life. 🥰 Pagans and Ancient Celts used to thank the nature for a good harvest and they believed that showing gratitude is a great way to bring more good things to your life. Fox is a wise shapeshifter in Celtic mythology who knows the landscape and forests better than anyone else. 

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