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About us

Published 10.06.2020 12:56

We are here to celebrate self expression, in a positive and sustainable way.

Inkit is all about self expression, beautiful art by fantastic artists and the freedom to choose what ever suits your personal hopes. We launched Inkit cases in 2018 and have been evolving since. Inkit products have been sold in our company's other online store, and here with our finnish customers it was a great place to develop our cases and designs.

We support independent designers who are all about self expression

Inkit is all about creating beautiful and powerful design to your personal devices. Our designs are mostly created by fantastic independent designers and artists, such Iisa Mönttinen (@art.iisan), Katerina Kirilova (@katerinamitkova), Polina Oshu (@oshupatterns) and Catherine Marion (@folkloreandflora). These artist are internationally accomplished and have a unique touch and style in their work. Inkit supports independent artists and showcases their art as fantastic phone cases and other tech accessories.

Our future is waste free

Phone cases are usually made out of plastic materials such as TPU-plastic or silicone. Our goal is to move towards a plastic free future and this will be a part of our products, packaging and day to day life. We have also launched a 100% compostable phone case, Inkit Free, which is made out of 100% plant materials. It doesn't get cooler than that!

Join our community and show your personality with Inkit

Over 50 000 people are already using an Inkit case as their first choice of phone protection. This is because Inkit is much more than just a cover, but also a statement for self expression and personality. Join our community and make it yours today! You can check out our Instagram (@inkitcase) and Facebook (@inkitcase).



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