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Privacy notice

Published 10.06.2020 13:05

Generally about privacy

We aim to be truly good company, and that is why we also take your privacy seriously. We have gone to extreme measures to make sure our customers have the ability to know what data is being collected but also to have the possibility to be totally forgotten. Later on in this notice, will be referred as Service, and the company owning this Service and registry as Company.

In order to use Inkitcase's services, customers must accept the terms of this privacy notice and the methods of data collection and processing described in this Privacy Notice. This acceptance will be confirmed in the following situations:

  • Placing an order (contract)
  • Registering an account (consent)
  • Using an account  (consent)
  • Any other process that requires data collection

Basically we store and retain three different type of information: information received from the use of online services, information provided by users themselves, and analytically derived information. Here is what we use the information for:

  • Making sure everything is easy to use , safe and functional
  • Making customer experience even better
  • Make product recommendations and develop our marketing
  • Improve our website and customer service

Registry owner and controller

The registry is owned and controlled by

Three Empty Cases Oy
Lehmonportintie 6
80710, Lehmo
Business ID: 2515663-4

If you need any more information about the registry, please Contact us

What information does the Service collect and store?

  1. Information provided by users themselves:
    • Identification information, such as name
    • Contact information, such as phone number, e-mail address, and postal address
    • Payment information, including billing information and payment method
    • Location information for localization (currencies, shipping)
    • Product reviews
    • Marketing message subscriptions
    • Personal information provided by the client with their separate consent, such as customer response inquiries
    • Wish list items
  2. Information received from the use of online services:
    • Delivery information, such as shipping address and selected payment method
    • Purchase history, such as ordered products, refunds, and payments
    • E-commerce browsing and usage information
    • Device identification used for browsing
    • E-commerce events, such as add to cart functions
  3. Data derived from the analysis:
    • Product recommendations derived from browsing and purchase history
    • Customer categorizations and interests derived from purchasing information


Usually the user of our website is the source of information. In some cases, we may obtain more information from our affiliates, such as a credit provider for billing services.

We use Klarna as the provider of our checkout. This means that we might transfer your personal data in the form of contact and order details to Klarna when the checkout is loaded, in order for Klarna to manage your purchase. Your personal data transferred is processed in line with Klarna’s own privacy notice.

What is my data used for?

  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Order processing, delivery, archiving, and accounting
  • Development of our internal functions and systems
  • Development of our customer experience and service
  • Statistical and operational management
  • Abuse prevention
  • The creation of better and more personal content and marketing
  • Make product recommendations
  • Development of our customer service

How is the data stored and protected?

All the data stored and collected is located in secure server environments and databases that are encrypted. They also have extremely limited access and are protected by firewalls. All of the data is protected against intrusion. That is why the biggest security risk of all, is the way you personally handle your account password. So please, do not pass it on to other users and use a secure password.

The Company handles all customer data according to good data protection practises and access to data is monitored. The Company is committed to meet up with the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements that will be effective as of 25 May 2018.

Mainly, the Company does not transfer data outside EU /ETA countries. Some of the information (only data that includes information about ordered products) can be transferred to a third party for analysing purposes and will be pseudoanonymized. 

Who will handle customer data?

Only those who work in the Company, have access to the necessary data. Embloyees see and manage data, that is necessary to complete an assigned work task.

We use only trusted partners, when information needs to be transferred to a third party. Necessary GDPR requirements have been taken into account with the contracts between the Company and the Third party.

How long will data be stored?

Information will be stored for the time needed for us accomplish the necessary actions mentioned in this document. Some information may be stored for longer if required by law.

If the customer so wishes, his or her account may be anonymized, and all personal data will be removed by pseudonymization from the account and purchase history. Once anonymized, accounts can not be identified or linked to their former owners and are impossible to recover.

What rights does a customer have?

  • Access and review personal information given to the Company.
  • Ask for the Company to correct or delete personal information
  • Request restrictions on your data processing within the limits that allow us to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document

Data processing is based on a given consent and of course customers have the right to cancel that consent. This can be done by anonymizing your account. If you want to delete your account, this will withhold the data processing permission. You can send the request for data correction or deletion to our customer service here: Contact us

If you notice any flaws in our data handling, you have the right to make a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority. Please let us know if we can make our wrongs right!

How can one see the stored personal information?

You can ask for a listing of all the personal information collected. Please contact our customer service for this information: Contact us

How can you influence how your data will be used?

You can alter the settings of your marketing permissions directly from your account. You can also at any time ask to delete your account and delete all personal information by contacting our customer service: Contact us.

Notice! In some cases all the information cannot be deleted. Requirements made by law can require is to keep some of the customer data.

Will your data be seen or used by third parties? 

Some necessary information can be passed on to third parties in order to allow necessary functions such as payments, shipping or marketing to work as required.

We use personal information for analytical and personalization purposes. We utilize browsing and purchase behaviour to develop our Service and to provide even more interesting offers and products as part of your shopping experience. Analytics and personalization information is anonymized or pseudonymized always when possible. Only we can connect the pseudonymized data to your name.

If necessary, we will hand the information to the necessary authorities. We will inform also the customer about these information request, is it is allowed by law.

We pass on following information to third parties:

  • Analytics and statistics
  • Email marketing information, if a customer has given permission for email-marketing
  • To a shipping company, if completing a delivery requires eg. address information.
  • Payment provider, when payment is made with payment card
  • Credit company, if a payment is made with credit card or invoicing
  • To a dept collection company, if a payment is being passed on to dept collection

The Company manages data according to the EU Data Protection regulations. Third party data processing is secured by contract forms, accepted by the European Commission, EU-US Privacy Shield contract or other methods accepted by Data Protection regulations.

Cookies on the site and what is a cookie?

The Service utilizes cookies and other tracking methods such as browser caches and local storage caches. Cookies are small files created by our Service, that locate between the users device and the web browser. These files allow us to collect analytics from Service users which makes it possible for us to offer a better e-commerce experience. Cookies and other tracking files have a predefined expiry time and after this the browser will automatically delete the file. We use these techniques to provide basic functionalities, personalization, analytics and marketing actions.

Cookies and local storage are used among other things to identify a customer, maintain a shopping session and shopping cart functions. For these functions it is mandatory to accept the use of cookies and local storage files. The files are stored in the browser for time of 15minutes to 26 months, unless they are separately removed from the browsers settings. A new session at the site sets new cookies or local storage files if the browser allows it.

Data that is used for purposes related to analytics and marketing tracking, is always anonymized if possible. In other cases we manage the data as personal information, if the identifier, such as an IP-address, contains identifiable information. Also any identifiers, that can be linked to a customer, will be managed as personal information. For analytical and marketing purposes, the data is stored for 30 seconds-26 months.

We utilize Google Analytics for analytics that is related to for example use of our Service, most popular products, trends and sales. Data sent to Google is anonymized. Please read  more about data prosessing in Google Analytics.

Other methods used for analytics and marketing actions, such as tracking pixels help us better understand our customers and the behaviour in our Service. With the use of these methods we can learn which actions and services are the most useful to our customers. You can always decline to accept the use of our third party partners by enabling Do Not Track function within your browser and setting the browser to decline any third party cookies.

We use Hotjar tracking tool, so that we can better understand our customers needs and this way develop our Service's customer experience. Hotjar is a technology service, which helps us to understand our customers shopping behaviour further. Hotjar uses cookies and other methods such as local storages to gather data and device data. This information is stored anonymized. Other gathered information is the size of the users device, type of the device, browser, IP-address, location of IP address (only country, nothing more accurate) and the language of the user. Hotjar uses these to create a pseudynymized user profile. Hotjar or the Company never uses this information to identify customers or to link any data to a user. If you wish to read more about Hotjar, click here.'

If you don't want Hotjar to collect any information about your actions, to create a anynymized profile or for Hotjar to use a tracking cookies in any site, follow this exit link.

The right to make changes to this privacy notice

We aim to develop our services and provide a better customer experience for our users. As a result, new services and functions may appear, or old ones may change. We will update this report if needed. Legislative changes may also require us to modify or refine parts of this report.

Significant changes will be reported to our customers separately.

Want to know more?

You can contact our happy customer service at any time about privacy, data collection or any information related to this privacy notice.

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