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Pump up your game with the most beautiful custom wireless chargers out there. Inkit Wireless Charger does not just charge your phone, but also is a piece of art that will lift your spirits every time you want to charge your phone. Beautiful and unique design is shining under a glass surface giving your phone the best possible care. As always, the designs are created by real artists - with love.

Powerful charging experience

The Charger itself is a powerful 10W charger, which means that it’s twice as powerful and fast as your regular wireless charger. The frame is brushed aluminum with a stylish black finish. When you plug in your charger, it lights up a gentle blue LED and fades away when you start charging the phone.

Fantails in the Wild by

Catherine Marion | @folkloreandflora

"I wish to reconnect people with nature in their everyday life."

  • Based in New Zealand
  • Draws inspiration from nature and from old English designs
  • Creates intricate folklore patterns & illustrations
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