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Keep your phone on the tip of your fingers with this simple yet genius Ring Holder. Ring Holder will help you to hold your phone in every situation and what's best, you can do it with our fantastic designs. As always, these beautiful prints are created by real artists.

Simple and thin helper

Ring Holder will help you use your personal device everywhere. With the turning ring, you can also adjust it to lift your phone into a better viewing angle for movies and videos. The holder is just 3mm thick so you won't even realize it's there!

Placing the Ring Holder is easy peasy as lemon squeezy. With our handy 3M-sticker you can reinsert the holder multiple times and the coolest part is that you can pair this beauty with our Style cases.

Summery Lemons by

Iisa Nuorttila | @art.iisan

“Artiisan is combination of hand-painted goodies with touch of my heart. I love to paint bright, bold coloured flowers and elements of nature. For me the most important thing as an artist is to have a traditional and authentic touch in my works, so I paint all my designs by hand.”

  • Based in Helsinki, Finland
  • Flowers & Fruits
  • All original works painted by hand
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