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Want to carry your most important payment cards with you, but don't want a bulky and thick brick to carry with you? Don't worry, we have got you covered! Inkit Card Pocket is the perfect companion to help carry up to 4 cards on the back of your phone. Just stick it to the back of your phone and rock and roll.

Thin and cute organizer

The best thing about the Card Pocket is that it keeps the most important cards with you, wherever you go, and it does not add too much thickness to your phone. Just 2mm thick pocket (without cards) has a great adhesive system that we call “ the magic sticker” which allows you to remove and place the pocket multiple times without any glue residues and without losing the gripping power. What is best, you can match your pocket with your Inkit case and we promise you will look dazzling!

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"Inkit Originals"  designed by our in-house artists with love. ❤️

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