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The Kiss
Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Style Case, Black

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro
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  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro
The Kiss by

Guto Ajayu

“I am the last child of the Sun, spiritual heir to the Ancient Empires. With my work I propose a dialogue between the sacred conservative past and the explosive and fast present. I intend to call for reflection on the importance of looking to the past and our origins, to better understand contemporary times."

  • Based in Madrid, Spain - born in Bolivia
  • Creator of our "The Ancient Ones" collection.

Protection created by artists

Unleash your personality and let our beautiful design to protect your phone in a way that describes you the best. The artwork in our cases are created by actual artists and so it is our mission to showcase and support their work through our products.

Design with a purpose

Together with these amazing professionals, we create design with a purpose. Our Style Cases protect your phone, but also they tell a story about who you are: unique being. Every brush stroke is carefully thought out and has a meaning - just like we all do.

Inkit is a mark that everyone deserves to be seen and heard. So complete your look and #MakeItYours.

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The Ancient Ones - by Guto Ajayu

“I am the last child of the Sun, spiritual heir to the Ancient Empires. The magical energy of ancient times comes to me and jumps onto the canvas." - Guto Ajayu

Connect yourself to the ancient times with these amazing Cases Of Art!

Want to know more about the case?

Our Style Case is designed to be slim yet protective and the cherry on top is the beautiful artwork, which we print to order. Thats all you need. ♥︎

  • Art is the new protection

    Our cases are made out of sturdy & flexible materials that are soft to touch. The case is then finished with a high quality printed hard backplate - which we print to order at our own studio.

    The print itself is always created by an inspiring artist.

  • Protection from all angles

    Our cases are always protective. The elastic rubber coated edges will protect your phone from drops and shocks.

    The edges have a groove design which gives you a great grip from the case - which means less drops!

  • Supports wireless charging

    Our cases are always compatible with all QI chargers. Just place and charge.

    Of course the coolest option is to buy our Wireless Charger, since you can get it in the same print!

We tell stories through Cases of Art

All of our prints are created by real artists and we guarantee that with us, the artist gets the credit they deserve.

These wonderful people pour their heart and soul into these amazing prints and we are on the first frontier to appreciate this work.

 Join now and lets celebrate art together! 

Reviews (5)

(No reviews)
Apr 26, 2022
Sonia Bouillon
Des coques pour tous les styles et vraiment de bonnes qualités, très résistantes, j'adore !
Jan 3, 2022
Mega Design 😍 love it ❤️
Nov 26, 2021
È davvero bella è super resistente 🥰
Aug 26, 2021
I truly am in LOVE with this case! The quality is amazing, the colors are really beautiful, and the case protects really good. Also the company is so nice, the contact is very good and the products come in very professional package and even with an extra surprise!
Mar 5, 2021
Awesome case that really pops out!
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